Edgil Pagaduan

4Meet Edgil, a modest yet incredibly talented 18 years old artist. He’s from Australia, so you can imagine he has a pretty gnarly accent. He designed for a huge number of bands and apparel clothing lines, and he managed to constantly improve his art while keeping his style consistent. I love talking to this guy. He is funny and has a very mature perspective on life, work, priorities, despite his young age. And I insist on his age because i am convinced that keeping this rhythm, by the time he hits his twenties he will be one of biggest  names in this design industry. You can check out his Myspace  here , and more of his designs here. On with the interview.

Edgil, what is your background in arts and how come apparel design?

Edgil: Well, I’ve been drawing all my life but only started taking it seriously these past couple of years when people told me i could make a living out of this. I’ve never had any art classes nor have i had any graphic design classes solely because I’m against the fact art now is a subject when it should be a form of self expression. I belive you can’t teach someone to be a good artist, it’s just something someone has to have. Being in the apparel designing industry actually came across me by chance when my mate was starting up a band and saw that i could draw and wanted me to do a shirt for them, ha ha, and from there I’ve just been building up my portfolio.3

How does being an artist affect you everyday life? Besides making you look cool?

Edgil: Haha, well everyday i see things around me such as cars, slippery slides, dogs, poo etc and when your an artist, you look at things differently, you don’t look at something and just see the surface of it, you see the millions of possibilities you have that you could use to make a design. at least that’s how i think.Edgillustrator

Ever thought of launching your own line?

Edgil: Many times mate, many times, but i’m just not organized enough to do it and i’m a really lazy person when it comes to getting off my ass to do things such as post shirts and whatnot, but maybe one day i’ll start it with someone .. maybe.

What’s your favorite aspect of working as a freelancer? Besides being able to work in your underwear?


Edgil: it would probably the fact that i now work with bands that I’ve grown to love over the past few years, and the fact that you know people appreciate your work enough to actually buy it, put it on a shirt, and sell it! It’s amazing.

You just graduated High School. Any plans for the future?

Edgil: Right now, its just having fun with my life, going out, partying, hanging out with friends, drawing and playing music. The future to me is something that should be kept in the future, i never was the type to really care about whats going to happen in 10 years or so, why start now?

What more can I say… thanks Edgil, and I hope you readers enjoyed the ride..ah, i mean read;)

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