ECO T-SHIRTS – organic cotton

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Fashion has a tendency of going green, due to the eco-friendly current which spread with an amazingly speed and it’s gaining members as we speak. The textile-making industry is one of the most polluting industries in the world, on the one hand because of the consequences of the synthetic fibers on the environment, and on the other hand because of the outdated manufacturing methods used to dye and finish fabric.

Textile-making companies are aware of the fact that ecological fabric is something that everyone will soon be looking for. As common people, each of us is trying his best to be as eco as possible. So wearing an eco t-shirt seems a very good idea, because it gives you the feeling that you actually contributed to saving the Earth just a little bit. But for that, we have to find a t-shirt that is composed of 100% ecological cotton.

As both the world’s leading producer and biggest importer of raw cotton and its top exporter of cotton fabrics and apparel, China has experienced much of the damage due to cotton growing. The most harmful consequences of the toxic regular synthetic fabric are the dye waste that is going in the rivers. Unfortunately, cotton’s biggest environmental impact worldwide is water use and growing cotton organically doesn’t always save water. When comparing how eco-friendly products are, we have to consider the advantages and disadvantages of the full life cycle of a product rather than just a single factor. The aim is to reduce impacts to the greatest extent possible.

But, while it seems impossible now to replace our entire wardrobe with organic cotton clothing, you can replace your non-organic detergent with a safe laundry detergent. The toxic fabric that a t-shirt has does not contain only toxic residue from cloth processing, but the usual detergents contain chemicals that are environmentally destructive.

Most detergents also contain petroleum-based fragrances that are a frequent cause of allergic reactions. These chemical residues remain on clothing to be absorbed through the skin. After a few washings with organic detergent, much of the toxic residue from cloth processing and previous detergents can be reduced or eliminated, making existing non-organic clothing safer to wear. If you are interested in buying an environmental t-shirt, here is a list with some companies that provide Earth friendly clothing:


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