Johnny Cupcakes Special Edition T-shirts

Johnny Cupcakes Easter t-shirts

I just love this consistency in creating celebratory t-shirts, on special occasions like Easter, Christmas or movie releases. I am talking about Johnny Cupcakes, who might be among the few t-shirt line owners who I don’t gratuitously include such themes for financial purposes.

Holidays are perfect pretexts to boost sales. Somehow, I just don’t associate this brand’s products with seasonal baits. Instead, I’m excited to see his new fat guy version of Wolverine, the whisks the Power Rangers use as weapons or the changing patterns on the iconic crossbones logo.

The limited time they are available for purchase could be the decisive factor here. Also, the original style of drawing and unique concept of a t-shirt bakery are major contributors to the long standing independent t-shirt brand. We’re talking about food as the main motif, one of the most popular dessert; a cupcake, to be more precise. That alone should spell success, if you hone in for long enough and stay professional.

So, with that in mind, here are two freshly launched, special edition Easter t-shirts. They are available both online and in their brick and mortar store, in Boston on 279 Newbury St.

easter t-shirts johnny cupcakes t-shirts

A few weeks back he even released kids’ t-shirts and onesies. The crossbones logo was redesigned as part of his collaboration with Sanrio. What little human doesn’t love Hello Kitty?

Above all, my absolute favorite pieces are the Stranger Things designs. I just wish there were more with main characters. Although I can imagine the challenge of licensing them.

I ‘m thinking about setting an alarm for the upcoming holidays and pop culture events so that I can regularly check in on his adorable fat guy interpretations of  everything!

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