Maximise Your Digital Marketing with Print

Best of Both Worlds –  How to Maximise Your DTG Marketing

Gone are the days of holding a one off activity, which is difficult to track in respect of ROI and brand awareness.  Now, marketers think about brand awareness and how to achieve it by maximizing digital marketing with print, specifically a direct to garment printer.

How Brand Awareness and a Direct to Garment Printer can Accelerate Your Business Sales

By utilizing a direct to garment printer, or a DTG printer for short, you can create brand awareness by producing a uniform for your employees.  This enables you to:

  • Amplify the activity by featuring digital images of your team
  • Turn your employees into brand ambassadors
  • Increase word of mouth
  • Give your business a credible edge over your competitors
  • Drive leads and ultimately sales

Getting the Most out of Integrated Marketing Campaigns

Exhibiting at a trade show or seminar is now considered an integrated campaign.  Digital marketing promotes the event via the company website, emails and social media channels. While direct to garment printing takes care of not only branded corporate wear for trade show staff, but cost effective giveaways as well. This includes branded t-shirts and jute bags. All while companies still use traditional print to produce hand-outs and brochures.

Most Popular Garments Used for DTG

In 2016 T-shirts Were the Garment of Choice for DTG Printers. Respondents could choose more than one category:

dtg marketing

48% of People Say They are More Likely to Buy a new Product if They can Try it First.

With the growing rise in experiential campaigns and pop up events, digital marketing and UK garment printing is going hand in hand to support and maximize these activities.

Promotional staff sporting branded t-shirts regularly hand out new products on the proviso you tweet a review using their dedicated hashtag.

How to Choose the Best DTG Printer for Your business

In 2016, the Kornit Breeze was one of the most popular and cost effective DTG printers.  Therefore, if you’re looking to maximize your digital marketing activities with print, this provides the ideal solution. This is ideal for both new and expanding businesses wishing to create a brand halo effect.


Most important features to look out for when choosing a DTG printer:

  • Make sure it can print on multiple types of textiles
  • It comes ready for e-commerce and web to print
  • It’s able to print on light and dark materials quickly
  • It is easy to transport.

Why Brands Utilize Digital Marketing and Direct to Garment Printing

Today’s leading brands use digital marketing and DTG printing to develop brand awareness and increase sales. In conclusion, if you’re looking to do the same for your business, consider maximizing your digital marketing activities with modern print to garment solutions.

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