High-quality Typography designs to follow on Instagram

Typography designs

Im in love with typography designs and I can show an entire collection dedicated to this obsession, that combines vintage elegance with the imperfect lines drawn by hand and beautifully highlighted by the right combination of colors.

And if you are even slightly interested in graphic design you must enjoy the examples of hand lettering available out there from some of the most talented artists, and not only. There are so many of them that have become viral because of the message/quote so it seems kind of repetitive sometimes to see the same things. But I was lucky to run across a very cool Instagram account that showcases only the best and most skillful of artists in the art of typographic designs – TYPOGRAFI.

This is my recommendation for your today, especially because you can tag your artwork if you want your “typografi” to be featured on this great profile. If you have an instagram account, upload your design and add in the description the hashtag #typografi and you have the chance to expose¬†your awesome artwork¬† to over 9000 followers.

typography designs
typography designs
typography designs
Earth laughs
typography designs
The difference between ordinary


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