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Diminish the shopping cart abandonment in 6 clever ways

If you`re running an e-commerce store, you must be familiar with shopping cart abandonment. It seems that the normal online store, loses over 70% of its sales straight from this reason. And that is huge!  So, since this matter became a real problem, some research institutes posed the problem on the table. We found this investigation from Baymard Institute  truly constructive, as you can see below.

Reasons for abandonments during checkout

So, now, based on this study, we can fix this topic easily. I thought at six on hand shots. Stay tuned:

6 moves to reduce the shopping cart abandonment on your e-store

Temper the shipping taxes impact

Ok, you can`t set free shipping forever, but you can spoil your clients with casual free shipping for a minimum order. Like Zazzle or Customon. Or for bulk orders, like RedBubble does.  Although, CustomInk offers free shipping, which makes me think that another way to reduce the shipping impact is to embed it on the product price. Just like that! So, the checkout will be way smoother.

cut the shopping cart abandonment


No user account needed, trust us

The speed and convenience are the key when we`re talking about e-commerce. Your customer wants to order fast! Dont force (especially first-time buyers) to sign up. Offer guest checkout. Addittionaly,  you can make signing up with Fb, Twitter or Google account an option, like in DBH case.  And the customer will thank you.

Provide secure payment options

Payment security is always a reason to concern. You wouldn`t give your wallet to a stranger. Trust badges and icons, also real testimonials from shoppers will help a lot. For example, DBH  is using  industry standard 256 bit encryption.  Also, provide contact information like address and phone number. All these elements will gain your visitors trust and you`ll sell more. TA-DAM!

Don`t tangle the checkout process

Somehow comes along with the second step. Clients want to order fast, so don`t ask for unnecessary info. Reduce the time, the screen the elements. And you will surely be pleased.

Create a stable return policy

This will boost the appetite for shopping. Nobody wants to pay for a product that doesn`t look good in person. Be flexible, allow a 30 days free return policy. TeePublic, Spreadshirt, Dresswel, Customon and finally all the giants do the same. And you`ll be big!

free return policy dbh

Customer support = quality

A bad customer support or the complete lack of it it`s another reason for shopping cart abandonment. Even if the customer had a technical issue, or some unanswered question, he is looking for feedback. There must be several ways to get in touch with you, like chat box, phone or social media DMs. And if your brand is available, their experience is improved.

customer support custom ink

You can`t reduce shopping cart abandonment at all, but these simple tactics will surely help you if you put them them in practice today.



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