NEW: DesignByHumans Stickers!

DesignByHumans Stickers!

You may well know by now that DesignByHumans is one of the largest t-shirt sites in the world, that supports and encourages designers to create artwork which they can eventually sell in their own online DesignByHumans shop. They are doing a great job, both the site’s platform as well as artists, who outdo each other every time.

I expected them to explore other types of products of course. It was only natural. So I was psyched about seeing smartphone cases. Now I have another reason to love the site and the great artwork it promotes because it is available on STICKERS! I don’t know what rock I’ve been living under, but I ‘ve only recently noticed this and was eager to write about it and show you a few of my favourites. What do you think? Is this cool or not? Or just meh?

designbyhumans stickers 12929.f56.a65b3S7ay1Cm2MjUAAA-650x450-b-p 16619.f56.685d5S7ay1Cm2MjUAAA-650x450-b-p 76644.f56.1c540S7ay1Cm2MjUAAA-650x450-b-p 96166.f56.ac463S7ay1Cm2MjUAAA-650x450-b-p 168996.f56.5fda1S7ay1Cm2MjUAAA-650x450-b-p 170896.f56.15278S7ay1Cm2MjUAAA-650x450-b-p

12955.f56.7df42S7ay1Cm2MjUAAA-650x450-b-p 48694.f56.a4257S7ay1Cm2MjUAAA-650x450-b-p 85462.f56.15ea0S7ay1Cm2MjUAAA-650x450-b-p 93800.f56.3f429S7ay1Cm2MjUAAA-650x450-b-p 124982.f56.e6938S7ay1Cm2MjUAAA-650x450-b-p 160252.f56.a0042S7ay1Cm2MjUAAA-650x450-b-p 162806.f56.3cab0S7ay1Cm2MjUAAA-650x450-b-p 167932.f56.5fc6aS7ay1Cm2MjUAAA-650x450-b-p 168040.f56.bb8b8S7ay1Cm2MjUAAA-650x450-b-p 168046.f56.80ba4S7ay1Cm2MjUAAA-650x450-b-p 169128.f56.f0fa5S7ay1Cm2MjUAAA-650x450-b-p

172200.f56.8bb0dS7ay1Cm2MjUAAA-650x450-b-p 172018.f56.4e539S7ay1Cm2MjUAAA-650x450-b-p

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