T-shirt Season is officially here!

 DesignByHumans apparel sale : 15% off and FREE SHIPPING

Was there really a competition between Threadless and DesignbyHumans? I always thought that the stage is big enough for both of them to reach their respective public. Because I do think that they feature rather different styles, overall. Threadless plays a lot with cute, cartoon-like characters or depictions of situations, while DesignByHumans seems to promote more dark, abstract and serious perspectives. Both sites have the best of these two worlds, although they each occasionally swing on one side and the other.

Many a times have I featured the awesomeness that Threadless graces us with, so now I’m trying to counterbalance that with good news from the DesignByHumans front. And it’s not just any news – it’s discount for the WHOLE collection of t-shirts on the site. Anything you might love there, it’s yours with 15% off AND FREE SHIPPING. Use code “TeeSeason” at checkout to enjoy this DesignByHumans apparel sale.

Of course there are some restrictions to this sale, but nothing major. The discount does not apply to preorders, charity orders or mystery apparel.

So, you can happily shop for the infamous Hydro74 owl, the greatest galaxy t-shirts ever or these majestic animal designs:

designbyhumans saleDesignByHumans apparel SALE

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