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Design gy Humans Contest: All over Designs

DesignbyHumans is running a contest for artists-  All over Designs, and the three prizes consist of $1600 in total!

The site is inviting designers to come up with their greatest all-over t-shirt graphics, which will eventually be used for printing on-demand on men’s and women’s crewneck tees and tank tops, as part of the DBH All-Over collection.

There are a few major conditions to keep in mind when submitting:

  • You must have a dbh shop
  • The design must be 100% yours
  • You should not include material that is copyright protected
  • You can submit as many designs as you want
  • There is no number of colors limitation
  • If in the off chance your design is rejected, you will be given an explanation why, so you can adjust it and try again.

As I said there will be three prizes: the grand prize is $750, the second $500 and the third $350. All while your winning design is up in the shop ready for orders, from which you get royalties.

Not only that, but there will also be no less than 15 runner-ups that will have their work printed! What’s neat is that all winners get to keep ownership over the graphics, with the sole obligation to keep the prints available in the shop for a year.

Technically, all over prints means that the material is first printed then sewn together as a t-shirt or tank. In order to make the most of the design, they made a tip tutorial to help you maximize your chances to compete and eventually win.

As with all contests, don’t be lazy and read the terms and conditions. After, you can download templates for submission, until April 17th.

Good luck!

all over designs

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