Zazzle and Better Make Room team up for Design For Good Contest

Design For Good Contest

Better Make Room have teamed up with Zazzle to offer high school and college students the chance to win a set of shirts from the Design for Good store. The Design For Good Contest is not your  run of the mill contest. It’s a little different because of what Better Make Room stands for.

First of all, Michelle Obama was one very loved First Lady.  That’s not only because of her charisma but most of all thanks to her involvement in societal, healthcare, educational causes. One of her enterprises is the Reach Higher initiative, directed at young people. It encourages them to follow a college education. In order to reach them in a fun way, the Better Make Room campaign taps into the hangout of all today’s youth, social media. They are adding text messages to that strategy in a big way by using the Up Next tool. Basically, it’s a free Q&A platform, where basic college questions get answers.

Now, let’s get back to our friends, Zazzle. A big chunk of its supporters and customers are students, future students and graduates. Fortunately, the two parties are joining forces. They’re running a contest with prizes consisting in 50 sets of Design for Good shirts created by designers and inspired by students.

To participate you should follow this thread on Twitter. In short, you should like the post, tag a friend and head to the  site to submit the “I will..” statement.

Lastly, this contest runs until November 9th. They will pick 50 complete entries at random for the grand prize. Good luck!

Design for Good contest

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