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Deciduous animal designs – Free wallpapers

Deciduous animal designs

Hey guys ! Check out this new amazing set of free wallpapers totally inspired by nature.

Sergey Kovalenko is a young artist from Minsk, Belarus , who does not stop to amaze his audience. His last illustrations come as a free set of deciduous animal designs for wallpapers. And what a set! He combines nature with .. nature. To be more explicit, Sergey designed wild animals using only leaves as components. It may sound strange but I assure you it is a sweet and cool combination  of nature.

The downside is that there are only three free samples available as wallpaper for smartphones. Also, you can buy a tshirt with the favorite design from Zazzle.

Click on the pictures below to download the artwork for your phone or to get to the site where you can buy the t-shirts:

animal designsmint liondeer

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