Just in: New Dan Mumford Illustration Prints

Big Drop: New Dan Mumford Illustration

Dan Mumford is a legend of horror, gritty, dark and highly detailed illustrations. We admire him ever since we started our graphic design journey, 10 years ago.

He is a freelance illustrator, residing in London, UK, with a penchant for album covers and classic movie posters. He’s put his amazing skills to work for clients like Disney, Iron Maiden, Sony, CBS and many, many other bands and record labels from all around the world. He even does events and talks. He’s that kind of inspiring, experienced and dedicated professional you want to learn from.

Well, today he has some new material for us all! Limited AP editions of prints, featuring The Dark Knight, Man of Steel, Rick and Morty and Iron Maiden are now available in his shop. Needless to say, they are real pieces of art. The illustrations have minute details and vibrant colors that create an original Dan Mumford dramatic, chilling effect.

Dan Mumford Illustration

All prints are signed, embossed and numbered. Furthermore, accompanying these prints, a “Black Dahlia Murder” theme banner will be available.

Most likely, all these will sell out in a few days. Thus, I suggest you get yours now!

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