Dan Mumford Chroma collection of screenprints

Dan Mumford Chroma collection

New Dan Mumford work has just been added on his site and it feels like Christmas all over again. I was going to say early Easter, but considering the freezing cold outside, Christmas fits just fine.

The shop is filled with official prints with Rick and Morty, Wonder Woman and Suspiria. These are screenprints, all signed, embossed and numbered. Some have two or even three variants, featuring the iconic vibrant colors, the collection being rightfully called Chroma.

Dan Mumford chroma Dan Mumford chroma

Anything he puts out is  astounding and I have some fun proof for you right here:

You read that right. He is known to work for big entertainment companies, but this detail  shows you just how appreciated he is in the industry. That being said, his prints usually sell out pretty easily, so head to his shop now for some high-end pop culture.

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