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Fluffy creatures

MadebyBrea is the home of dozens of cute and fluffy creatures. Brea is a young lady from Australia that designs creatures for a living. The wildlife from Australia has always been an inspiration to her. She has lived surrounded by many pets and she fell in love with their ability to put a smile on a human’s face. Born out of passion, her illustrations are full of cuteness. From monkeys to hamsters and foxes, each fluffy creature will make your day better.

Now that she’s 21 , Brea has embarked on many adventures.  Feel free to follow her on Instagram : @MADEBYBREA or contact her via email  [email protected] 

Do you need  sweetness in your life? Then check out these fluffy creatures.

Cute Fluffy Creatures

Fluffy illustrations

Cute madebybrea

Dinosaur Illustration

Hamster illustrations

Fox illustration Madebybrea


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