Creative T-shirt Designs from KAFT

KAFT Creative T-shirt Designs

KAFT has emerged in August 2010. Different than the ordinary designs you see elsewhere, KAFT’s designs, updating its audience’s soul each month with new and original designs, goes beyond the ordinary with its creative lookbook work.

They creators of the brand are  people who get excited to see a design of high quality. They want to see a meaning and some difference in each design, which is also how they think about the way they create clothing. One could find products of high quality, but usually with the same graphics. With no little difficulty did they find certain designs capable of distinguishing themselves from others.

Basically, KAFT emerged from an idealistic point of view. Each design is prepared and shaped in accordance with three criteria: CREATIVE, ORIGINAL and MEANINGFUL.

It did not take too long before the public noticed the differences, so the brand and designs started to be shared more often on social media, achieving  both domestic and international success in over 41 countries.

The Lookbook is amazing, as you can see from the images featured below. But you should go check out all of them. There are three collecitons: KAFT Original, KAFT Minimal and KAFT Typo. I love all of them!


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