Creative Market’s December graphics collection at $39

December $39 graphics collection from Creative Market

Speaking of Bundles, here’s the latest gem from Creative Market, as per usual, priced at $39. Launched a day ago, this graphics collection is available for 8 days only, with the possibility to add three other resources without any additional cost. You only need to share the bundle page on Pinterest, Facebook or Twitter. After that, hit refresh on your page and get instant access to download them. These are a pattern set, an Instagram pack and a flyer, as you can see below. Click the images for details about the products.

Coming back to the main story, the big bundle includes 81 Standard License products, with a reduction of 97%. Buying these individually would rack up $1,399. But not on this occasion!

So, web developers, graphic designers, print shops – you are all in for another excellent ride, filled with hand made fonts, WordPress themes, backdrops, illustrations, templates and more. Hopefully, you are lucky enough that this includes as many useful products for your projects as possible. Because  at least price-wise, the monthly deals are an opportunity you don’t find too often!

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