Creative Market Pro: design asset subscription

Creative Market Pro design asset subscription

The last few months have been quite the roller coaster for Creative Market since it has become an independent company, parting ways with Autodesk. They’ve been working hard on a new platform to compliment the existing one. Say hello to Creative Market Pro,  a curated design asset subscription. It is aimed at independent creators, teams, studios and other creative businesses.

Creative Market Pro

Just imagine the most successful Creative Market artist, the creme de la creme. They’re all in one place, with exclusive access and unlimited downloads, offering products ranging from fonts and graphics to templates, add-ons and photos. The platform helps you become highly organized, dedicated to team work, multiple projects or assets organized by theme. Thus, any subscription will cover:

  • 260,000+ Curated Assets
  • Team Collaboration
  • Project Organization
  • Asset Management
  • Smart Recommendations

There is also a simple table with licenses as well as frequently asked questions about royalties, legal restrictions and the possibility to create your own personalized plan, if none suit you.

What Creative Market Pro does differently than other stock sites is offering a wide variety of products, of an extreme high quality. If you are even lightly familiar with the site, you know they raised the level of professionalism in the industry. It’s true than many turned passion into a full time job by selling on the site. But the work involved in putting out products like those of Dustin Lee or Callie Hegstrom or Tom Anders Watkins is no small feat. These are the resources you will be able to work with, with stress on quality and not quantity.

With all this talk about who uses the site more, we agree with co-founder and CEO, Aaron Epstein, that most users are independent creators. This Pro platform will be an opportunity for  them to reach bigger clients and obtain more complex projects.

However, I must draw your attention on the following fine print: „You must have an active subscription in order to use downloaded assets in any new work you create. If your Creative Market Pro subscription ends, the license to use assets in new works expires”. So, you are basically renting the resources. If you want to go the CM Pro way, you must commit and maybe get a full year license. And that is pretty steep for an independent designer.

But all in all, we’re very excited to see what Creative Market Pro brings on the market; to see how it will impact the design industry so suffocated with stock images and repetitive concepts. Let’s hope we’re at the dawn of a hero and not a villain.

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