New Creative Market contest: Outside

This week’s Creative Market contest: Outside

In perfect sync with the spring season, the latest Creative Market contest features the theme “Outside”. Designers, amateurs and professionals alike, are invited to submit their creations using the site’s resources, both bought and from the free section. In short, contestants should take the given word and materialize whatever it triggers into their minds. These contests run for a week, and each week a new one is launched, after the winner is announced. The prizes are all things designers love, appreciate and most certainly need, because they are all very practical. Last week the prizes were a t-shirt set from Ugmonk and a coffee mug, while this week the package is even more exciting:

These contests are undoubtedly very fun to do, but the prizes are definitely a big plus in the incentive department. Not to mention how easy some of you might find it to submit the design, given that there are no restrictions. It’s just a word in a sea of possibilities.

Good luck and here’s some works for inspiration in the Creative Market contest:

Creative Market contest

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