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This week’s Creative Market contest theme: Do Good

Creative Market is a place for designers, illustrators, photographers and overall businesses to sell and buy digital products for a wide range of projects, at very good prices. The site is long-standing due to the high quality of the products but also because of the care for its users. Both shop owners and customers can easily engage in conversations regarding technical support, feedback and suggestions.
What is more, Creative Market has one of the most resourceful, up to date blogs, that I honestly recommend you bookmark. That’s where I read about the newest endeavor involving prize contests, stretched across the next few weeks.

The series of contests is “Made with Creative Market”. As the name suggests, it revolves around the idea of how one uses Creative Market products.
This week’s theme is “Do Good” and entries must be submitted until March 29th. The question is what comes to mind when you say “do good” ? Take that first thought and translate it into a final digital product, using any the site’s product(s). Don’t panic thinking they’re forcing you into purchasing anything. You can easily go to the Free Goods section and work with what you find there. Beyond the creative challenge and the joy of materializing your unique concept of doing good, there are also several prizes for the winner:

Even if you don’t win, as a participant you get a cool icon pack by Bronwyn Gruet. It’s a win-win situation all around.
There are a few details to take into account when entering this contest, so head over to their blog post and read the rules. You will also find some example of Creative Market fonts or photographs used to recreate the idea of doing good. For even more inspiration, there is a gallery dedicated to all things made with such resources.
Pretty accessible for all graphic designers, new and old to this profession.

I think this is a wonderful way to exercise your imagination.

Creative market contest

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