Best graphic contests of Spring !

Hey there, freaks! What’s up with you guys? Doin’ fine? Where in a creative mood! And, boy, do we have some great artwork in store for you.

You know, while searching on the internet, we found some really cool graphic contest artists and we just couldn’t resist not to share the info with you guys!

Competitions are the best way to reveal one’s value. This being said, we prezent you the best contest of this spring, in our opinion. So, here it is:

All you Corel lovers out there! Here is your chance to prove your skills and rock the vector designing world!
graphic contest
CorelDraw competition
Another great contest in our opinion. What you have to do for this one? The goal of this challenge is to create a unique design that captures the essence of Firefox 4.
graphic contest
Firefox t-shirt
The International Council of Societies of Industrial Design (Icsid) unveiled the World Design Impact Prize, an innovative and interactive design prize dedicated to recognizing, empowering and stimulating socially responsible design projects and initiatives around the world.
Graphic Contest
Design a poster that you believe can represent India globally. You can borrow from her rich cultural heritage to express visually her different aspects. Your poster could be iconic, symbolic or expressive. You are given the freedom to come up with your own metaphors that you feel can represent the nation.
1ndia Unity in Diversity
1ndia Unity in Diversity
Participants are asked to design a family of objects (chair, armchair, stool, table, small table) in metal for the contract market. The participation is exclusively open to female designers. Students and professionals who are over 22 years of age can participate. There is not an age limit.
Graphic Contest for Women
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