classical art

When classical art meets t-shirts

Classical art then and now

From the Renaissance on, classical art dominated Western art, with classical mythology.  The various myths and legends of the ancient Greek and Roman gods and heroes became a major source of subject matter for history painting.  Although it varies from genre to genre, classical art is famous for its harmony, balance and sense of proportion. This movement is defined by its attention to traditional forms and symmetry. Colour is always subordinated to line and composition.

Classicism was embraced in many ways during the Renaissance in Italy, and it manifested itself in various pursuits.  Michelangelo and Leonardo da Vinci were the first classical painters, but also the late 19th century abounds of classic artwork prints. Van Gogh, Monet and Leighton are just a few of the relevant painters.

When classical art meets apparel

So, today we want to point out that not all of the classical art is painted on canvas. We don`t need walls necessarily to display art and to invite people to reflect on its meaning. How about owning all your favorites via art all over print t-shirts? The guys from Yizzam consider it and the result is fabulous. This collection of art apparel focuses on famous pieces from around the world with a wide range of artists represented.  The vision is artistic sophistication with a funky flair on art clothing. Check this up:

classical art


classical art


van gogh tshirt


the scream tshirt


the kiss tshirt


classical art tshirt


the birth of venus hoodie

Much more, on their website. Do you own such a t-shirt? What do you think about this original idea?

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