Retro & Funny Christmas T-Shirts

80stees is a clothing company based in Mount Pleasant, PA. They believe old school is the way to go and they sell retro tees & sweatshirts. Among their beliefs, I found one that should be essential for every company in the world, as their crew has stated : ” We believe that remakes will never be better than an original.” 

Christmas T-shirts

As you can see above, their sole purpose is to amaze everyone by offering amazing t-shirt designs inspired by the 80’s . While we’re waiting for Santa Claus to visit our homes, they prepared an entire Holiday Collection where you can pick your favorite Christmas T-shirts and sweatshirts. The designs are a combination between holiday inspired messages and well known movies like Superman, Ninja Turtles and Star Wars. Therefore, if you want a jolly Star Wars T-shirt or your own Grumpy cat wearing Santa’s hat, 80stees is the perfect place for you.

If you place an order that exceeds the amount of  $ 71 , 80stees is offering you FREE SHIPPING on all 48 US contiguous states.

Retro & Funny Christmas T-shirts


Christmas T-shirts

Retro Christmas hoodie

Christmas tee

Little miss christmas Sweatshirt for Christmas

Grumpy cat tee

Christmas t-shirts

Thundercats tee



Turtles Christmas T-shirts

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