Character illustration bundle – 104 prints for just $42

Emirez character illustration bundle

Emirez is one of the most prolific illustrators selling his designs on He’s joining the bundle club for a limited time. He took 104 of his best designs, featuring detailed illustrations of the highest quality and created a beautiful collection of t-shirt prints.

His fine works feature surreal characters with hints to famous heroes, anti-heroes, killers, warriors and plenty of biker zombies. I love the rough details on each of them and the mystery created by the covered faces. He  hid their features behind masks, hats or helmets. I see a bit of an obsession for astronauts, so if you have a fascination for the outer space theme, then you will really enjoy these designs.

You can modify the graphics’ colors, therefore you can play around and adapt them to your printing technique.

Check out the entire scary set from the bundle! It is full of bloody zombies, skating killers, UFO abductions and a boat load of references to bad guys from pop culture.

All these 104 fierceless designs are exclusively on our site for $42, with extended license.

Offer expires August 6th.

character illustration bundle


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