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  • Alive T-shirts

    By Oana on August 10, 2010
    The place where you can get an amazingly cute and adorable t-shirt and contribute to a noble cause at the same time is called “Alive”. The story is very impressive, because it started from an idea and ended as a big project that actually contributes to saving endangered animals. Its creator is Christian Lindemann, a German illustrator working from Hannover, in the […]
  • Artist of the week –Jimi Benedict ( Jimiyo)

    By Oana on July 27, 2010
    When you really want to get in the top, you must work hard, but you also need the most important thing: the talent and a very strong motivation. And when that motivation is love for art, then there is no way you can fail. Jimiyo is the living proof of a very hard working graphic designer who started with a […]
  • Artist of the week – GODMACHINE

    By Oana on July 23, 2010
    His real name is Aziz and he lives in Wales, UK,  with his wife and with his two cats. Nothing odd this far. But he is the man behind some stunning pieces that we’ve all seen mostly on t-shirts, skateboards, posters or CD covers. He is GodMachine, a freelancer that has worked with companies like Osiris, Adidas, Lamb of God, Iron […]
  • Artist of the week – Justin Kamerer (ANGRYBLUE)

    By Oana on July 14, 2010
    That’s right, you recognized the font, didn’t you? Yes, Justin Kamerer (Angryblue) is the author, and he created way too much dark stuff for metal bands to make their music even creepier. And he is not gonna stop, this is just the beginning. As he likes to call himself, he is an “art whore” and he has all the reasons […]
  • Mumford Clothing – The Heretic story behind the t-shirts

    By Oana on July 12, 2010
    It’s been almost two months since Dan Mumford released his amazing clothing line called “Heretic”. Since the release, the tees have been very successful and did not disappoint even a single art lover. Because for every designer that respects his work, the story behind every drawing is meaningful and not just some design elements put together as a whole, Mumford […]
  • Artist of the week – Jeral Tidwell

    By Oana on July 9, 2010
    Jeral Tidewell is the living proof that traditional art can keep up with digital art and be at the same professional level, even though digital art seems to gain more and more popularity. He absolutely represents his art because his art it’s a way of living, his drawings are a reflection of his personality itself. Being a motocross addict, he […]
  • Zombie celebrities – the other side of famous faces

    By Oana on July 7, 2010
    Everybody knows that celebrities are overpaid and over-rated, so that’s no wonder that when the zombification “virus” spread all over the world, they were the first to suffer transformations – being at the mercy of some amazing artists imagination. This trend of zombifying celebrities has become very popular, and continues to be appreciated, due to its macabre feeling, because it […]
  • Cartoon t-shirt fashion

    By Oana on June 23, 2010
    Old Disney characters – Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck or Bugs Bunny will always belong to us, adults. The market is invaded by new and attractive new comics for children, and it’s hard to believe that a nowadays children will enjoy a Donald Duck cartoon the way that we did when we were kids. So… it’s not a wonder to see […]
  • Artist of the week #2 – HYDRO74 (Joshua Smith)

    By Oana on June 18, 2010
    Scanning through the world of the most renowned graphic artists of the moment, if you want to meet the non-standard artist and the most down to earth and professional thinking artist, well, I guess that would be Hydro74.  Hydro has passed over the word “freelance”, giving it the connotation that it deserves, so that along with work, goals and professionalism, […]
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