Cartoon t-shirt fashion

Old Disney characters – Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck or Bugs Bunny will always belong to us, adults. The market is invaded by new and attractive new comics for children, and it’s hard to believe that a nowadays children will enjoy a Donald Duck cartoon the way that we did when we were kids. So… it’s not a wonder to see those cute Disney characters out of the box and worn with pride by us on t-shirts. It has always been a mystery the way that fashion works – there must have been someone out there who made a custom t-shirt with Mickey Mouse and another one saw him, made one too and so on… And then big companies saw that this is a new trend and took advantage spreading the cuteness through t-shirt prints showing Disney world in its full glory. These t-shirts are for the children inside of us, your child might be wearing “Cars” t-shirt or a ”Toy Story” t-shirt, the cartoons that are into fashion today for them, but you know those times when you didn’t have so many to chose from were also great, because you were enjoying that Disney cartoon at the highest intensity. And that’s why you chose a cartoon t-shirt for you too. Not only Disney’s characters benefit from this huge popularity, but almost EVERY cartoon character that you might think of. Especially old ones. There is a preference for characters as well – while girls seem to prefer the cutest and sweetest of  Minnie Mouse, Tweety, Tinkerbell, even Betty Boop while the boys seem to prefer the masculine characters: Tom & Jerry, Sylvester, Donald, Bugs Bunny.

cartoon t-shirts for kinds
Cartoon T-shirts for Kids
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