Free vectors- calendars for 2015

Calendars for 2015 – Free vectors

What’s the best way to keep up with time ? Most of you will say that your smartphone is doing all the work you need. Nowadays, a smartphone can replace almost anything. You don’t need a clock, an agenda or a calendar, you just have to install a couple of mobile applications to replace those accessories. But, you must agree with me that sometimes we need some accessories to personalize our lifestyle. I am sure you still have a clock in your room or an agenda where you keep all of your grocery lists and other important notes. It’s the same with calendars. We need to know what day it is, otherwise we won’t complete our daily responsibilities.

A smartphone can easily replace the old school paper calendar. On the other hand, some of us still see the beauty in paper calendars. I especially enjoy circling days in the calendar that lead up to a certain event. For those of you who still find some kind of amusement in keeping a calendar, let me show you some of the most interesting calendars for 2015. They are free vectors and you can download them instantly. Freepik is offering us the possibility to browse through thousands of calendar designs, until we find something suitable. Here are some of the calendars that we like. Click on each vector below for the instant download.

Calendars 2015 – Free Vectors

Calendars for 2015 free vectors


Abstract ornaments- free vectors

Free vectors -hipster calendar

2015 calendar

Grey 2015 calendar

Simple calendar

Calendar for 2015- free vectors

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