Brand new t-shirt designs from Almaic

Today’s cultural bit of information comes straight from Almaic (click here for a refresher on the t-shirt line), who brings you two brand new t-shirt designs. Brand new t-shirt designs from Almaic ! “House of Wisdom” is definitely my favorite – but you should take a look at all of the designs. They all have such a strong concept behind them:

Brand new t-shirt designs from Almaic !

Brand new t-shirt designs from Almaic
House of Wisdom

Dar Al Hikmah (House of Wisdom) was an amazing cultural iconic place during the Golden Age of Islam. Located in Baghdad, Iraq and established 800 AD this vast institution was a common playground for scholars. A huge focus was the translation of books from every language and constant teaching of one another to further enhance many aspects of society. It was said that the Imam of the time would give a scholar the weight of a book translated in gold once completed, hence “Knowledge is gold.”

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Guns & Roses

This graphic is to help bring light to how our media tries to constantly cover what truly goes on in the world. I just feel that today we go to war for the quickest and smallest of confrontation. And our Media exploits this and makes “Heroes and Villains” out of War situations. The roses are camo to beautify war, the camo is made to blur the truth which is the Peace Dove.

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