Celebrating #BookLoversDay through fine book illustration

Book illustration at its finest

August 9th is Book Lovers Day which definitely deserves a mention. I am fan of books, smelling old literature classics and constantly going back on the saying „The book was better”, therefore I will mark the occasion with a special collection of designs.

I wish everyone could lose themselves between the pages of a good book. It is something so powerful that all generations should experience. Be it with paper or on a kindle, people need the knowledge. The simple fact that there is a celebration like this goes to show the attachment of the human heart and mind to stories and characters. We need books regardless of how high-tech we become.

As far as illustrators, animators and comic book artists are concerned, most of them will eventually create a design circling around books and reading. Be it as a personal endeavor or for a paid job, the following are such examples.

The selections come from random artists from all over  the world. They shared their perspective on the beauty of books and reading on Twitter, under the trending hashtag #BookLoversDay. I also threw in some funny t-shirt prints for good measure, to prove book lovers do have a sense of humor about themselves.

book illustration

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