Big Bad City T-shirt line – support the Kickstarter project !

Big Bad City was launched on April the 9th, on Kickstarter by Christopher Lovell. He”s been designing garments for bands and alternative labels such as Kid Rock, Tommy Lee (Motley Crue), Soundgarden, Bring me the Horizon, Electric Zombie, Iron Fist

and through his imaginative, creative work has built a name for himself within the industry. Now he is putting together his first independent clothing project, born out of his ambition to create a unique genre of apparel, bringing his personal vision to life.

The Big Bad City brand combines his love of

comic book art, 80s cult franchises and t-shirt design into a collection of impressive apparel. The Kickstarter platform enables him to obtain enough pre-orders to pay for the first print run without compromising on the quality of the product. Each design features a strikingly detailed and realistic character, explained in the accompanying comic pages that come in the reward packages. All are professionally printed, hand signed and numbered by Christopher Lovell.

independent clothing
independent clothing
Sweet 16
independent clothing
Ten Tigers
independent clothing
Terra Aqua

In addition to t-shirts and vests, other merchandise such as mugs and comic pages are also available to pre-order. Special Kickstarter reward packs also include branded stickers and pin badges.

independent clothing
Big Bad City sticker
independent clothing
Daisy mug

The campaign runs up until 4.49pm (EDT) on 24th May 2013 and Christopher hopes to raise £2000 in pledges. Don”t stop at Kickstarter and follow wood working pdf on wood working pdf and Twitter!

The project deserves all your attention so be sure to watch the video below about the project from the man himself:

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