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The best projects by Mike from Creative Mints

The best projects by Mike from Creative Mints

As you can probably guess from the title, Mike is a Greek artist that designs different elements for web and mobile applications. He is renowned for creating  CreativeMints, that sells logotypes, icon and illustrations. Besides all his work as an illustrator, he is also in love with game design, so he creates websites, mobile applications, iOS icons and user interfaces on a daily basis. When you visit his website you can see right away that he absolutely adores colors and he uses them in various ways, creating designs that are  aesthetically pleasing.

With more than 12 years of experience, Mike has managed to create some of the best projects in web designing. Today, I am going to show you our favorite projects from this great graphic designer:

Stylebee :  iOs/Android application . You can see the whole project here .

Creative Mints

IOs Icons

Graphic designer ios icons

An Ukuele : Website that will help you to relax and encourage you to tune into the ukulele vibe . For more information click  here

Website interface by Creative Mints

Da Vinci’s mechanical butterfly

Da Vinci Mechanical

IOs Game Characters 

Graphic designer making of ios game

Mozkair – A mobile application that helps you to create colorful mosaics from your own images


If our selection hasn’t convinced you of the great talent that lies into graphic and game designer Mike, you can visit his Dribble Profile and his official website. If you decide you want to contact Mike for further questions or hire him,  just have to go to the bottom of his website and in the right corner you will find an e-mail category.

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