Bella + Canvas launching resourceful YouTube channel

Bella Canvas YouTube Channel

Starting out in the t-shirt printing industry? Or are you already battling for top clients to add to your portfolio? Maybe you are a designer looking to outsource the printing services of your tees and need some advice on how to choose. Things can get hard before they get better, so a reliable, constant, source of information is a priority.

For all of that Bella Canvas has come with a resourceful solution – a YouTube channel. The content will cover tips & tricks on how to print on triblends, for example. There will also be plenty of “behind the scenes” material for full access into the Bella Canvas activity. Design inspiration will also be covered in the weekly video, such as the pocket tee. They will guide you on how to price your t-shirts, how to choose blanks or how position yourself on the target market. So, there will be some marketing advice as well.

Their blog has been a go-to site for professional advice, therefore the video version of such comprehensive info is more than welcome. I think it will be highly helpful for both businesses and customers, who will educate themselves on product characteristics and printing options available.

Who better to trust than an experienced company, the size of Bella Canvas that’s been on the apparel market since 1992. It doesn’t just create products but it redefines the culture of apparel printing.

It’s refreshing to see so much transparency coming from such an established brand.

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