Ascension T-shirts

Ascension T-shirts – Courtesy of ElectricZombie

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 ElectricZombie proudly announced on it’s facebook page that we will soon have a brand new design. Well ,yesterday they released these dazzling ascension t-shirts that will leave you speechless. ElectricZombie design is as usually full of electricity and excitement.  For those of you who don’t really know what Ascension is , let me explain a little. The Ascension is a professional wrestling tag team ,that is currently wrestling for WWE.  These particular Ascension t-shirts are bold and daring. The most interesting thing about these tees is the love for details. You can almost see the blood on the hands of the wrestlers.

” It’s all about doing what you love, be true to yourself and just be real.” ,a little piece of advice given by the brand designer for all the newbies out there.

New Ascension T-shirts- ElectricZombie

Details on the t-shirts :

• Slim Fit T-shirt
• 100% cotton
• Soft to the touch print
• Custom printed neck / size tag
• Comes sealed in a protective bag

Ascension T-shirts

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