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Tom Eckersley

A hundred years have passed since Tom Eckersley was born in Lancashire, New England. To celebrate his birthday I propose you to take a deeper look into his life and work as a poster artist,illustrator and graphic designer. Tom Eckersley is considered to be one of the founders of modern graphic design. In his early career as a freelance  poster designer he created some masterpieces that stunned the media audience by bringing something different. His posters are a combination between geometric forms and witty typography. Therefore his designs are an enchantment to the eye and even nowadays there are considered to be the stepping stones of the graphic design industry.   Between the numerous companies that requested Tom Eckersley services we should mention : Guinness , Shell Max, Gillette , British Petroleum , Imperial War Museum , the Ministry of Information and so on. Even if a part of you may think that his designs were too abstract and hard to understand ,we should never forget that his legacy is continuing to live long after his unfortunate death. In 1954, Eckersley launched in his natal country UK : the  first graphic design undergraduate course at  London School of Printing (LLC now) . He was a successful designer and illustrator with great international support and with a talent that has inspired generations of progressive designers for over 30 years.

A great artist will always find a way to keep it’s legacy alive, in his honor the  London College of Communication organised an exhibition this year, with some of his amazing ,clever poster designs. Let’s remember him by taking a look at some of the exhibits presented at the gallery.


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