Top 10 Animal T-Shirts From ZooHood

ZooHood has always been a leading seller of animal T-shirts, and now they’re putting their name on their very own range. All kinds of animals are featured in the work of UK graphic artists, on high quality T-shirts.  You can choose between, literally, the wolf of Wall Street, a stoned lion, Business Cat, or if you want to keep it simple, a cute meerkat. It was a tough job choosing only 10. I want (and probably will) buy them all.
*Drum roll

Here are my favourite 10 animal t-shirts from ZooHood:
(and bonus the worst 10 animal puns ever)


Good evening, love. Ready for  little koala-tee time?
Don’t go with him or listen to him. He’s lion.
My lady, are you feeling philoslothical too?
Sees koala making puns. Breakfast!
Can’t bear this animal puns!
Animal t-shirts
It’s time for your purrformance review!
I like dressed pugs and I cannot lie
What’s up with this pandemonium?meerkat_portrait_t_shirtbb__93402.1412250675.1280.1280
Hakuna Matata, bro! Hakuna Matata!
Dude, the wold giraffes with you, but you sheep alone, dude.
You can find the rest of the collection here and after all these cute illustration, I think you will be pleased to find that all the T-shirts are super-ethical. The 100% cotton T-shirts are organic, fair trade and carbon neutral to boot. And get this – for every ZooHood T-shirt sold, they’ll make a donation to animal conservation charities.
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