Andrew Groves art prints

Andrew Groves has some of the most interesting designs I’ve seen lately while browsing portfolios for great artist to feature and promote on the blog. We like to highlight anyone that is worth paying admiring and paying attention to.

A lot of you may be at the beginning and I am sure it is always helpful to have a taste of the level of professionalism you can reach if you love what you do and keep practicing no matter how many rejections you hear.

Andrew, also known as IMAKETHINGS, actually makes things! He is somewhat of a classical type of personality you would see  reaching to art as a form of expression. Just like he says, he leads a boheme life in the wilderness where he finds his utmost inspiration. When you see his art prints you will definitely agree with him:

“I am Andrew Groves. I live in a barn in the woods where I create images and make objects for client and personal projects. Natural phenomenon, wilderness exploration and adventures are common themes in my work, but I’m willing and able to tackle any subject matter.”

His unpretentious words and openness to any kind of work make me like him more, just like  many of his clients, I am sure. Among many of them I can mention Reebok, Chevrolet, Computers Arts Magazine, Threadless, Panasonic, The Guardian .

I would expect you to be convinced of his talents, but for the cynical group out there here are some examples:

art prints
Restless Spirit
art prints
Stump Fighter
art prints
Walled Garden
art prints
art prints
Google booklet
t-shirt print
art prints
Reebok Print

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