American sign language alphabet illustrated by Alex Solis

Among my first posts here on the blog were about Alex Solis. Back then, I did not know who were the best illustrators or how to choose a good one. I did not know how to categorize a style or what the trends were. Maybe not much changed since then, but even back then as well as now, I knew and still know that this Chicago-based illustrator and web designer is one of the best in the business.

Today, I will show you something that will make you love him, too. He came up with a way to make the American sign language more approachable, easier and almost playful. Each letter is accompanied by an adorable little illsutration. For example, there is a cute apple walking on the hand that signs the letter A. For the letter C, cute kittens cuddle around the fingers while for L a not so ferocious lion is gnawing at the index finger. I will let you anjoy all the cute characters.

Read more about Alex Solis here.

Alphabet illustration for American sign language by Alex Solis


The letter A

The letter B

Alphabet illustration

The letter C

The letter D




The letter E


The letter F

The letter G

The letter H

The letter I

The letter J

The letter K

The letter L

The letter M

The letter N

The letter O

The letter P






The letter Q


The letter R

The letter S

The letter T


The letter U

The letter V




The letter W

The letter X

The letter Y




The letter Z


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