Allriot t-shirt brand releases AW 15 video lookbook

Best known for their cheeky political prints and bold graphics, London based statement t-shirt brand Allriot continue to push the boundaries of sartorial rebellion by giving discerning youths an alternative to logo obsessed mass culture.

The pioneering brand’s middle finger vigour comes to life in their eagerly awaited AW 15 collection. Featuring a heady mix of graphic tees, limited edition streetwear pieces, playful puns, and street-smart basics, the range goes beyond the bounds of what is traditionally considered streetwear; there is no hype, just strong graphics and an equal emphasis on style and substance.

Allriot’s anti-establishment roots are evident in the video lookbook they have released to accompany the Autumn Drop. Deceptively laid back, the film merges politics and everyday life into one, presenting casual looks with a subversive rebellious edge.

Carl Sharks, co-founder and head of PTTP (Power To The People dept) explains, “This film is about the search for identity. All of your life you’ve been told that the future is bright. Now that’s it’s here, you’re realising that it’s a monotonous, monochrome mockery of existence, where it feels like you don’t get a say in this world, that it’s all been decided for you. That’s an illusion, and it’s up to you to crush it. Find your own path. Embrace the fear and find out who you really are. Face the world, take powerful action and be awesome. That’s what Allriot is all about.”

Allriot t-shirt brand releases AW 15 video lookbook

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At the forefront of the company philosophy is a determination to bring a fearless, humour-laced approach to the sphere of contemporary social issues. The range tackles concerns such as police brutality, the surveillance state and gay rights, and includes several Limited Edition pieces, most notably the No Gods No Masters sport luxe inspired t-shirt (product 1) and the (product 2). For the GenY demographic that refuses to be denied a voice, Allriot captures the rebellious side of streetwear, which often gets lost when people are trying to look cool. Minimally branded, Allriot offers a way to engage with the world in a profound and meaningful way.

Randy Gandhi, co-founder and head of Robes and T-shirts dept, says, “Most people wouldn’t dare put our stuff on, and that’s fine – Topshop is just around the corner. Allriot fans know that wearing one of our t-shirts is an experience: it’s guaranteed to spice up your day, although you never quite know how hot it’s going to get. Most people just laugh, and that’s the reaction we’re striving for. The act of ridiculing ‘the system’ takes away all its power. It’s that simple.”

The intrepid London based brand refuse to scrimp on quality, and exercise meticulous attention to detail in relation to the fabric, cut and detailing of each and every shirt. The result is a collection of top-of-the-range tees crafted with 100% ringspun cotton that is smooth, crisp and just the right weight.

Allriot retain a strong sense of ethical responsibility in everything that they do. The t-shirt brand is committed to sourcing sweatshop-free and WRAP certified garments that don’t take advantage of cheap labour and immoral manufacturing methods. Instead, all tees are designed and printed in London, which ensures wearers will receive the very best in quality British craftsmanship.

Drawing inspiration from street art, activism and pop culture, Allriot has rapidly won itself a global fan base that can’t get enough of its playful, controversial and street-smart apparel. With free international shipping up for grabs, anyone can rock a t-shirt that is guaranteed to turn heads.


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