Design Tricks: Quick Photoshop tutorials

“Make it now” Adobe’s 1-minute Photoshop Tutorials

Adobe has really defined the way we work in the digital era. They single-handedly allowed millions of people to excel at a job that didn’t even exist a few decades ago.

They contributed with both the tools and the lessons to pave the way for amazing digital designs and  illustrations. Can you imagine our internet-ruled times with no Photoshop?

They have constantly provided the best graphic design products in the last 20 years, maintaining their innovative characteristic. The newest contribution is a series of tutorials bound to cure all procrastinators out there.

Make it now” it is called, which is a very appropriate name because there is no tutorial longer than one minute. So, you can get down to practicing right then and there. The videos are short, comprehensive and engaging, focusing on skills that all Photoshop users should master. The pace is indeed a bit intense and as a beginner you could feel overwhelmed, but you can always slow down the video, in order to carefully follow each step.photoshop tutorials

There are 4 Adobe video tutorials presently and if you keep an eye on their Youtube channel and subscribe, you’ll be the first to see when there’s anything new.

Here are a couple of those tutorials that make everything seem so easy!

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