6 new flourish vector packs!

Our team has recently released 6 new sets of flourish vector containing more than 30 swirls ready to amaze you and ready to be used for any designing purpose. These vintage elements carry along a great visual effect, that can hardly be obtained using other kind of elements.

Flourish vector packs !

flourish vector packs

Even if they are used mostly as secondary elements in designs, also because of their “ornamental” purpose, and their duty is to “add” something to a certain existing design, these vintage flourish are also appreciated without any combination, just standing for themselves.
It’s hard not to notice the impact that flourish elements have today. They are present in t-shirt designs, in the textile industry, but mostly in the digital world, in layouts for different sites, web templates, e-cards, they are even transformed into palpable iron flourish for house decoration.

flourish vector packs
The ornamental frames represent the ideal way to emphasize a certain image. That’s actually their purpose, using their own great swirls to make other things included more beautiful. The same thing can be said about corners or dividers, which turn any simple text or design into artistic, grunge creations if they are cleverly used.  You can’t miss them if you are willing to create amazing backgrounds or any kind of vintage combination. They are all hand-drawn and available in EPS format.

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