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6 design ideas for your printing business

Customized printing is on huge demand worldwide for the past few years. If you have a printing business, I’m sure that you’re always aiming for fresh design ideas, like we do. The digital marketplace is still on the boom and grows exponentially.  Any type of printing from birthday cards to tees are welcome these days. The best part of it is that one can customize the prints according to their needs. Therefore, printing business has both a personal and a professional touch in it. If you’re looking for cool t-shirt design ideas, you are in the right place. With over 12 years experience, TShirt Factory is a cutting edge marketplace for t-shirt designers. And we`re glad to share with you that recently we have been mentioned on the top 15 most influential t-shirt bloggers worldwide by Feedspot

So, we know that finding new designs and inspiration can be pretty challenging sometimes. Because after all, if your designs don`t match with the clients personality, you won`t sell. So, if you are looking for new print design inspiration, as a graphic designer or as a printing business owner, this article is for you.

6 design ideas for printing

Back to basics: paper and pencil

Starring at a blank screen might be contributing to this creative jam. Going back to the roots, drawing with pencil on a piece of paper, can be helpful. Doodles, concepts, basic shapes- the thing is to start with something. This is a great creative exercise for many artists. Using your sketches as a roadmap means that when it is time to get to work on the computer, you have a plan of execution.

This is a method to create a bunch of plain illustrations, like foodie drawing, which is terribly popular nowadays.

design ideas

Rebrand an old school design

We often take vintage or pre 90’s designs for granted. Not cool. You can bring an impressive addition to a popular logo, design, poster. In a funny or ironic manner, it`s up to you.  This combo of cynical, tacky, absurd guess what? Sells really good! Here are some examples:

funny design ideas


red hot chillli peppa

Collage? Always a good idea!

You know the rules: two or more images juxtaposed together. Go for bright, contrasting yet consonant colors that work well and make a whole. This is awesome if you have stock photography. So, whenever you feel stagnant go for a collage.collage design


80s and 90s stencil

Guess what? Layouts from your youth are making a huge revival. Drippy millennials are looking over tees, leggings and sweatshirts as well, all embracing the 80`s and 90s patterns.

90s designs

Typography at its finest

Hand drawn, classy, 3d lettering- you can`t go wrong with that. People love short and bold messages.

typo designgrafitti tag

Magazines and books, always an inspiration

Last, but not least to consider, books and magazines are a nearly endless supply of inspiration and creative ideas you can explore. So, when you need some guidance, go get some of these and you`ll be surprised by your own vision.

books design


Moreover, we`ll help you with some free t-shirt designs. You can use them by itself, or add some fancy element.

What designs are most popular on your store? What are your tricks when you`re running out of ideas?

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