Awesome 3D illustrations by James Shepherd

3D illustrations by James Shepherd

Living in a crazy society, James Shepherd vividly describes how he sees the world with the help of his illustrations. James is a freelance commercial illustrator from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He worked with multiple tools of digital drawing, but the most important element used in his illustrations are the 3d elements.

I think that without  those 3d elements is what sets his art apart from the others. Shepherd’s vision is really great because his illustrations have that sparkle of reality, which help the public transcend from world to another.

His illustrations are full of rich colours, funny elements , like a parody of reality. In his way to attract more public, he has succeeded to sign contracts with Disney, Hasbro, Frito-Lay and Burger King for more than 15 years. Officialy, James Shepherd is a true artist because he understands the needs of today’s marketplace and can bring some really creative and ingenious solutions.

Here is a preview of his 3D illustrations:


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