3 NEW Tattoo vector sets! Ink’em on ya’T!

Wow, I wanted a tattoo so badly when I was a kid. I even started drawing some weird stuff on me until my parents saw me walking outside like this and grounded me. And I still love the art of tattoo, but, unfortunately I get bored very easily, and I don’t think I could bear to live my entire life wearing on my skin a piece of art, no matter how good that artwork is.

Yup, tattoos are really bad-ass, they can tell a lot about somebody. I do think you know that most of the imagery and symbols used in tattoos are meant to have a deeper meaning, are used to either suggest something about the person getting a tattoo, or to celebrate some important aspect of that person’s life. I know that after all this rambling you want to get a tattoo. And even if you, for some reasons, like me, won’t get one inked on your skin, the good news is that we offer the possibility to get one on your T-shirt!

We proudly announce the release of three new vector packs: Tattoo vector sets 16, 17 and 18. Hand-crafted by the incredibly talented Gabriel “Satyr”, we offer you 18 brand-new vector elements suitable for use in t-shirt designs and not only.

You can decorate your t-shirts with popular elements such as koi fishes, hearts, snakes, skulls, birds and what not, all rendered in a very colorful and specific tattoo style.

Don’t miss out on our special prices, you know how lousy you feel when something you really wanted to get suddenly got expensive. It’s not the case, and make sure you won’t get in this situation, by buying now these amazing pieces of art.

Tattoo-Style-Vector-Set-16-Vector-art-10127 Tattoo-Style-Vector-Set-18-Vector-art-10131 Tattoo-Style-Vector-Set-17-Vector-graphics-10129

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