Back with good news: The latest 255 t-shirt graphics bundle for $74

You know there’s always good news waiting in the wings to make up for the quiet time here on the blog. And this is no exception, with posts bringing you both good deals, introducing you to new t-shirt brands as well as showing you the artistic side of the (messy) election results in the  USA, in the form of very creative and satirical illustrations.

But let’s take each at a time.

Floring’s 255 t-shirt graphics bundle for $74

First on the list is a major bundle deal, in full effect on the Tshirt Factory site that brings together an exquisite collection of t-shirt designs created by one of the “building blocks” of the digital art company, Florin. He was a huge success among all our customers, offering his typography bundle a couple of years ago, so we meant to recreate it for all those constantly asking for the deal.

t-shirt graphics bundle

This mega offer includes 255 t-shirt templates, featuring a variety of styles: typography, skull and biker illustration, lovely pinups, distress effects aplenty and a whole lot of inspirational quotes, more or less SFW, many of them based on popular phrases that turned into meme parodies. There’s well over 200 such design, so you should have a look yourself and see what I’m talking about.

Because you purchase all of them together, you get to pay only $74 instead of $1 245. That’s 94% off, which is a very good deal in my opinion.

accept-yourself-t-shirt-design-22262 holy-shit-tee-shirts-11287 our-weird-little-worlds-t-shirt-design-15331 renegade-shirt-design-18441 shit-could-be-worse-t-shirt-design-10771 stoned-again-tee-shirt-design-16658 work-harder-graphic-design-23887 work-t-shirt-clip-art-15489

If digital is not your thing, have a look at our next post involving a lot of the physical products that you can get for a hefty discount!

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