21 robots

21 Rockin’ Robots – Free Illustrations

21 Rockin’ Robots pack reminds me of when I was little. I had an impulse to take a sheet of stickers and stick them all on something at once.¬†This is the most fun illustration set I’ve seen in a while. 21 Rockin’ Robots are created by Steckfigures, a well known illustrator on Creative Market and they are the best retro robots you’ll find on the web. These adorable guys would love to make an appearance in your next design project.

What’s even better is that this illustrations pack is free of charge¬†on Creative Market. Once you get to the page you can sign up for an account or sign in with Facebook. Click on the image below to download the pack and make sure that you use it as it was intended, for fun.

21 Rockin’ Robots by Steckfigures

Rockin' Robots

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