$300 Limited Time Pin-up Bundle for Just $39!

SALE: 171 Pin-Up Vector elements for only $39

It’s International Women’s Day, so what better way to celebrate the heroes of the world than with a special digital package dedicated to their beauty. The brand new Pin-Up Bundle that Tshirt-Factory has put together is just that. A celebration of beauty, mystery, attraction, elegance and, why not, sexy looks.

We are both fascinated and enticed by the beauty of these pin-up girls that our designers have carefully created, so we thought that you should also enjoy all of them, in digital format, of course.

The vectors focus on a raunchier version of these ladies, with urban, native, burlesque or creepy vibes that you will be able to use for your designs, for posters, for textile & paper printing, as stickers, or for holidays such as Halloween, Dia de Muertos and many other uses, for a long time. These enticing characters are expressive and detailed enough that you will keep coming back to them for new projects.

We thought maybe the 30 sets containing 171 vector pin-up elements (.cdr and .eps formats) were not enough for you so we threw in another 6 T-shirt designs, ready for printing, also available in .cdr and .eps formats, worth $60. But you get them for FREE this time, which you can use for selling printed products.

What say you? Isn’t this a great deal? The bundle is available on the site, for a limited time, so you should jump in and celebrate this great day with us, pin-up style!

Below you can  check out all the sets included in the bundle, as well as the BONUS, 6 ready-for-printing t-shirt designs:

Pinup-Vector-Set-30-Vector-art-12253 Pinup-Vector-Set-29-Vector-graphics-11415 Pinup-Vector-Set-28-Vector-graphics-10903 Pinup-Vector-Set-27-Vector-graphics-10761 Pinup-Vector-Set-26-Vector-art-10727 Pinup-Vector-Set-21-Vector-art-9825 Pinup-Vector-Set-22-Vector-art-9827 Pinup-Vector-Set-23-Vector-graphics-9829 Pinup-Vector-Set-24-Vector-art-10621 Pinup-Vector-Set-25-Vector-art-10711 Pinup-Vector-Set-16-Vector-graphics-9815 Pinup-Vector-Set-17-Vector-graphics-9817 Pinup-Vector-Set-18-Vector-graphics-9819 Pinup-Vector-Set-19-Vector-graphics-9821 Pinup-Vector-Set-20-Vector-graphics-9823 Pinup-Vector-Set-15-Vector-art-9813 Pinup-Vector-Set-14-Vector-art-9811 Pinup-Vector-Set-13-Vector-art-9809 Pinup-Vector-Set-12-Vector-art-9807 Pinup-Vector-Set-11-Vector-art-9805 Pinup-Vector-Set-6-Vector-graphics-9795 Pinup-Vector-Set-7-Vector-art-9797 Pinup-Vector-Set-8-Vector-graphics-9799 Pinup-Vector-Set-9-Vector-graphics-9801 Pinup-Vector-Set-10-Vector-graphics-9803 Pinup-Vector-Set-5-Vector-graphics-9793 Pinup-Vector-Set-4-Vector-art-9791 Pinup-Vector-Set-3-Vector-graphics-9789 Pinup-Vector-Set-2-Vector-art-9787 Pinup-Vector-Set-1-Vector-art-9785

Love-and-hate-Tee-shirts-8154 Hot-chick-T-shirt-design-8708 Ex-girlfriends-T-shirt-template-9252 Couple-Custom-t-shirts-8092 Connie-eight-T-shirt-design-8644


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