14 free tags and labels for your autumn promotions

14 free tags and labels for your autumn promotions

Planning a sale or promotion for you site or business? We thought so! Autumn is perfect for discounts and perks to give to your customers. That’s one way to cheer them up from all the gloomy weather. Or to increase sales and prepare for the new season, with new products.

No matter what profile your business has, you need an online presence, so promo materials are a big part of that when it comes to spreading the word about your great offers.

Well, it’s good that you’ve come to us, because we selected some fun, colorful, seasonal sale tags, banners and posters that will fit right in with your site, blog, or any other online ads.

Some of them have all-season tags, and some don’t specifically refer to autumn, but the color scheme is perfect for this time of year, so they will work great.

Also, make sure that you check the license for all the digital material – they generally have a “Free for commercial use with attribution” license, but after you click to go to the source, read the description or contact the site owners for further details, so that you do not violate any copyright restriction.

free tags and labels

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