Ikigai – the reason to be

I got this email from Anthony about his new t-shirt brand, which is only a month old. I was really excited about the designs since the name  – Ikigai – intrigued me so much. Everything was up to my expectations and I think they deserve a good start. So read on and get to know the people behind this project.

Ikigai means Anthony and also Garry ( garryhannah.org ), two friends coming from different parts of the world to teach English in South Korea. One from Los Angeles and the other from Scotland, they were both bent on avoiding desk jobs and determined to create something out of passion and faith. This is why the t-shirt brand is called Ikigai – it means : “reason for living” in Japanese. So, yes, they are among the lucky ones to have found that for themselves. The brand is based in Los Angeles and uses only high-quality fabrics for the highest customer satisfaction.

The designs are simple, clean and original: there are 4 t-shirts for now and they send a clear message as far as style is concerned. No need to be loud or compromise in content as long as you passionately create something from faith, that has already brought you fulfillment.

“The Asterisks” design was the one that stuck with me a few days after seeing it. Every t-shirt that I saw afterwards kept reminding me of this one. And I love how each designs has its own little description with its meaning – everything is professionally put together down to the last detail.  Ikigai promises to leave discreet yet strong impressions on their customers. Maybe just the right amount of motivation to drive the most important question in everyone: What is you raison d'etre? What is your ikigai?And how close are you to it?

For more news and intriguing design from Anthony and Garry, be sure to Like them on Facebook and follow Ikigai on Twitter, as well. You will not be disappointed and will read about them again!

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