12 times Freelance t-shirt designers nailed it for big brands

Freelance t-shirt designers for famous brands

Freelancing is hard, regardless of what it may seem form the outside. The beginning is scary because you don’t know if you are able to pull it through, to act as your own boss. You have to be demanding enough to challenge yourself realistically and not bit more than you can chew. That’s because you risk of getting discouraged and giving up. Freelancing is about accepting failure as compulsory on the road to success.

And when you keep showing up, you keep striving for better and fully commit, the results are in. You are doing what you love, at a competitive level and the big opportunity shows itself. The feeling of accomplishment is unparalleled. At least that’s what I think the next freelance t-shirt designers felt when they scored their big gigs with famous brands, such as Nike, Adidas, Harley Davidson and more.

I’m sure I’m missing some great material. But I picked these following projects because they bring together my favorite brands, some of the artists that I follow and the illustration styles that I think are the best for the t-shirt industry. I hope you like them too. Even if you’re not the biggest fans of either of those three things, we can still celebrate together a freelancer’s success that paves the way to more and more people having the confidence to do what they love.

Michal Bialogrzywy for Nike

Rubens Scarelli for Nike


Marcelo Schultz for Harley Davidson

New Fren for Nike

Freelance t-shirt designers

Los Caballos ™ for Lacoste

Mauro Gatti for VANS

João Neves for DC Shoes Europe

Never Made for OBEY

Gabriele Brombin for The North Face

Permadi Aditya for ATARI BABY

Alexis Marcou for Nike

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