11 Inappropriate T-shirts for school

Now that school has started I am sure that we are all in a hurry to renew our wardrobe, but we have to be careful what we are going to choose. Therefore, today, I am going to present you 11 most inappropriate T-shirts to wear at school, at work, actually everywhere in a professional field. For starters, I want to highlight the fact that these tees can be worn on a daily basis for entertainment, but I strongly believe that you must not wear or let you child wear them at school, it may just give the wrong impression.  On the other hand, these T-shirts can be an amazing gift for someone who has a developed sense of humor.

Not a T-shirt for school if you want a girlfriend


I bet this will impress every teacher



Logically right, no ? 




Too bad you have to ! 



This is one way to start your career 



Something no one wants to know, you should have kept it a secret

518+I+7GsPL._UY679_You can be hostile on the streets, but not at school 

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Which is ok on a Friday night not a Monday morning 

jasdfThis will not improve your grades 


Is this the perfect excuse for not having done your homework? I don’t think so…


This sums up all the lousy high school experiences 


Now that we’ve finished seeing the 11 inappropriate T-shirts for school I offer you a BONUS.

The T-shirt that should not be worn by TEACHERS.


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