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100 Flat Icon Set – Only $25

Looking for a Flat Icon set? Good, then you came to the right place!

Flat design is on a continuously developing way  for some time now, and it’s started to develop sub-styles. You might get confused when you are trying to look for the right icon set for your project. Today i stumbled upon this great flat icon pack that contains 100 icons.

Essential to any flat design is a consistent set of icons, here we have this Flat Icon Set. 100 flat icons with an emphasis on simplicity. As a set of icons they provide a consistent, positive message. The use of the circular icon format together with the flat design color scheme mean they’ll fit well with almost any flat design project.All the icons are designed using shapes in Photoshop, so you can scale them to any size without loosing quality. The whole set is available on Web Icons Setand you can buy it for just $25.

Click on the pictures below to go directly to the WebIconsSet website and buy the Flat Icon set.

100 Flat Icons Set for only $25

Flat Icon Set

Flat Icon Set

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